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Transporting and/or Storing your Scooter


6 FT.

Folding Ramp
sorry, SOLD OUT
Need to transport your scooter in a truck bed or van?
You will need a ramp and ratchet tie downs.
NOTE: Bunjee cords WILL NOT WORK, as they will always have give way being stretchy.

Here's basically what to do...

Where to load...Finding a spot with a dip or drop in height will  lessen the incline of the ramp. Such as position the truck in the road and the bottom of the ramp on the sidewalk.

1. Place your ramp, centered and straight. Make sure it is secure! The lip on a real ramp, vs. a piece of wood assures it won't fall out of place just as your front wheel goes over it. (Not too mention the wood, if not thick enough, might just bow and break under the weight!)

2. Push, don't ride your scooter up the ramp. A second ramp (can be just wood and shorter) that you can position beside and walk up is the best way. Test your weight on it first ! You don't want it to bow and break while you're holding your scooter up, dropping your scooter, possibly on yourself, not good!
3. Once in, put the scooter as close to the cab or rear of the compartment as possible.

4. Put it on it's center stand. If you don't have one, use the side stand and follow the rest of these instructions.

5. Wedge a block of wood securely between the front tire and the wall in front of it.
to prevent the bike from moving forward and falling off the center stand.

6. Use ratchet straps in across the bike to the side walls of the truck or van, find very strong, secure spots for the hooks. Be careful about scratching or abrading your scooter. (We sell soft ratchet strap covers for $1.99 pair or put something soft between the strap and the bike's surface.)
Position one strap  to prevent the bike from being able to move backwards, like behind the seat. Position another to to prevent the bike from moving forward or turning side to side, like across the nose.

7. Tighten  down the straps really well. Then, give them a good tug to make sure they are securely attached everywhere. Make sure they won't be able to slip and become slack. Remember there will be considerable vibration and bouncing.

Lastly, give the bike some good tugs this way and that to make sure it cannot move in any direction.

If you are going to travel quite a distance, it's a good idea to check things again periodically.

Ratchet Tie Downs $4.99 -$15.99    Soft Strap Covers (protect your scoot) $1.99 pair

Storing your Scooter

1. Protect Your Battery
YOU SHOULD attach a "battery tender" or "trickle charger" to prevent your battery from loosing all it's charge. These devices deliver a slow charge to your battery. Note: they will not charge a totally dead battery! No electricity nearby? No problem, We sell a solar powered charger.

 It is NOT necessary to remove your battery for the Winter.

2. Protect your GAS
YOU SHOULD add gas stabilizer to your tank and run the scooter for about 15 minutes to get the treatment through the system. Due to today's oxygenated gas reformulations gas is less stable and goes bad quicker. A good quality stabilizer is important. We recommend Maxima.  

3.Protect your Tires
Make sure your tires are inflated to their manufacturer's recommended maximum pressure. Store your scooter on it's center stand.
Protect your Finish of all parts
Clean all of the plastic and chrome on your scooter well, removing all grime, debris, bugs, etc... The longer this stuff sits on your scoot the more likely it is to have an effect on the finish.
Using a cleaning product specifically for scooters or motorcycles, that does not require rinsing, is preferable than introducing water. The object here is to prevent condensation and rust. Next, use a good scooter/motorcycle polish that contains wax.
We have products that are good for all surfaces, plastic & chrome.
Cover your scooter. (If your storing indoors, a cover isn't totally necessary, but will prevent dust buildup.) Make sure your cover is one that will prevent condensation. These usually have vents that allow moisture to escape.
If you are storing outdoors, make sure your cover is a good fit and is secured on the scoot well. With the heavy winds we get in the Winter, a cover that is too large or on too loosely can collect wind and like a sail, pull your scoot over. Also, be sure to use one strong enough that it won't tear in strong winds.

We have "Trickle Chargers" .  ON CLEARANCE $20.99

For extended periods of not riding your scooter, like Winter!
PURPOSE: Keep a low charge to your battery to prevent it draining.
 If it totally drains it will be NO GOOD, even if it is NEW!

SOLAR POWERED CHARGER $29.99    NOW $ 14.99 !
Don't Forget to ADD GAS Stabilizer  NOW for Storage.

COVERS     30% OFF  !

Clean and wax everything before storing
your scooter or motorcycle away.
(exception: don't wax tires or your seat)