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"Best Execution of a retail establishment that I have ever seen!""Danny sold me my scooter and I rode away with confidence that I had a good deal and a good scooter. I was right! After 1300 miles my confidence has strengthened and I enjoy a ride everyday...I get spontaneous thumbs up from many drivers of cars, wishing they had a scooter like mine."
Vincent- Linhai Classic 150cc
"OMG!!!!!!  I have to admit I thought picking up the 260 was going to be scary....That bike drives like a dream.   I feel so apart of it.   It moves with such little effort....I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and ride."
Kathy- Linhai, Aeolus 260
"so here is what i think of my new bike... ride is awesome, very smooth, suspension works great, accelerates well very fast and fun...you guys rock thanks so much i feel much better about spending money at a local independent place then i would at a dealership"
Bill -
Bennelli, Andretti X50

"Vrooooom...after much anticipation I saddled up on my beautiful new Il Bello special Edition and off I went tentatively through the streets of Avon and Brockton on my first ride.   A mixture of excitement and "am I crazy" disappeared after about five minutes and soon I was Pater Fonda tooling along enjoying the freedom of the open road."
Dennis - Fly, Il Bello Special Edition 
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"I have nothing but Praise! I think you are doing a great thing for many people. I wish that I lived closer to be able to get more involved. Keep up the great work it's so nice to see."

"You guys are very personable and interested in serving your customers. That is refreshing to see."

"I live too far away to regularly attend your BBQs but enjoy stopping by to shop for accessories and to check out the new scoots. Nice shop and friendly owners!"

"I can't say anything bad about you guys. I think you are doing a great job and wish you nothing but the best for you and the shop."


"You guys are awesome in a difficult business environment, but you have a fun and useful and green product so hopefully you will continue and grow in success. Thanks for all your support."

Scott   "

"I appreciate the hard work and effort - this is what makes you different from the other guys."

"You both have a great shop, customer friendly in every way, very knowledgeable about everything you sell, professional and dedicated to excellent service, and hardworking."

"Nothing but praise for the way you handled the problem with my first Fly Cadenza. The one I have now is a delight to ride and trouble-free. Thanks again. I recommend you to everyone who asks about it. And that is a lot of people."

        "We had prepared to spend all day scooter shopping. Tracey had done a lot of research on Yamaha, Honda and Vespa brands and had a folder full of materials and brochures.  She just happened to read the newspaper article about the grand opening of Danny's Scooter Shop that same morning. When she walked into the shop, within the first 10 steps she saw the Sea Mist Green, La Vie in window and said to me "That is the one I want".  Then I said " Gee wiz, we just got here you haven't even looked at the other scooters or gone to any other dealers".  Then she said "OK, I'll look but I know that is one I want".  Then, 20 minutes later Danny & Diane had answered all of her questions and she made the first purchase of the day in your new shop. 

      I emailed the Fly Scooter HQ in California the same day she purchased to ask some accessory questions. I was happily shocked to get a rely from Leon the same day on a Saturday.  I was definitely impressed with the manufacturer as well as the dealer.

Best of luck and success,"
Scott & Tracey
Fly Scooters
La Vie 150cc
Note: One month later Scott, sold his current scooter and
bought a scooter from us.
Thanks Scott & Tracey!
Scott & Tracey
Fly Scooters
Cadenza 150cc
Fly Scooters
Il Bello 50cc
American Lifan
Checkmate 150cc
    "At 61 Kathy Mullen is buzzing around the City of Brockton."I love my Scooter, it's easy to drive"  I also love the freedom from gas stations. When I saw the news article for Danny's Scooter Shop I was there the next day.  Both Diane and Danny are wealth of information and make you feel comfortable.  I bought my silver Il Bello that day. So if you see a silver streak go by it's me!!!!!!

Born to be wild."
Fly Scooters
Il Bello 50cc
Fly Scooters
Il Bello
Xtreme Motor Co.
Americano 50cc
" Hi, Danny and Diane,
    Just wanted to thank you guys again for all you did to make my scooter buying experience a fun one!  It was great that Diane took so much time with us to explain the different scoots. I also wanted to thank you for delivering the scoot to me the same day, that was really nice. 
    I got the scoot registered and took it out on the "open road" (well, not that open, I am in Quincy after all) yesterday and had a blast.  I had so much fun that I am taking off of work today to scoot around - no one ever mentioned that one of the risks of owning a scooter is potential job loss :>. 
    My neighbors have already been admiring it, and I get head turns when I am out riding around. 
    I'll scoot by sometime after I get a little practice for a cup of java.  You guys are great, and it is so nice to have a "JavaSpeed" type shop closer to home."

Take care,
Fly Scooters
Il Bello 50cc
Fly Scooters
La Vie 150cc
Xtreme Motor Co.
Destin 150cc
Xtreme Motor Co.
Americano 50cc
" Hi Danny,  Diane, & Gypsy,
        We want to thank you so much.Your kind and caring service was the best. You worked after hours and explained to us the why's and how's of the scooter. Being so pleasent is a quality you and your customer's can be proud of.
      Pinky took her first ride. We went over to the grandchildren's house and back. About six miles total. She had a great time.

Cowboy till the end of trail,"
Ed & Pinky
Pinky, Ed & Dan
Fly  Scooters
Il Bello 50cc